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Wearing handmade jewelry is a wonderful way to express your individuality while supporting the arts and small business. Handmade jewelry has personality. It is carefully designed and assembled with passion, expressing the creativity and artistry of the designer.


Most of my jewelry is made by hand-carving wax that is then cast into metal using the lost wax casting method. Designs are available in plated brass, sterling silver, or gold vermeil. Plated jewelry receives several thick coats of 18k or 24k gold, which will provide long wear and shine with proper care. Custom metals and finishes are available upon request. Please email hello@xivdesigns to inquire. 


Because these designs are handmade, some pieces may show some signs of imperfection. This adds to the unique look and design and because of that, these characteristics usually go unnoticed. However, if you are expecting a perfect product, please reconsider your purchase.


Thank you for supporting my art!

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