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Change is fascinating. One small deviation can alter a path dramatically, for better or worse. I often find myself thinking about the decisions I’ve made that have transformed my path. My choices bending and twisting my life like the trunk of a Bristlecone pine. Its mangled branches evidence of the lessons I’ve learned. Like this tree, I've weathered harsh conditions and thrived in environments where many fail to grow. But my desire was not to be a tree—standing strong, making the best out of my situation, yet forever stagnant. I realized I’d lived a life filled with days and days of monotony, which quickly turned to months, and then years of endless repetition. Time was losing its distinction. The world was moving, but I was standing still. I needed to change my circumstances and gain a new perspective. I wanted to build a life that allowed me to explore my passions and share them with the world.


As an artist, I began to sketch. It was a small step, but it forced me to go out and be inspired by the world around me. All of the designs and ideas that would normally float around aimlessly in my head were committed to paper. They were real then. They were only lines on paper, but they were alive! I felt my heart swell with excitement. My goal became to acquire the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to create wearable works of art. I found myself spending every free moment working on jewelry, discovering techniques and materials that would allow me to be the most expressive. In short time, it became more and more difficult to pull myself away from my creative pursuits. Times called for change, once again. 


2014 was a pivotal year for me. That year, I discovered what it meant to live a purpose-filled life. It was the year I decided to dedicate my time and energy in pursuit of happiness. I learned what it was like to work a 20-hour day and wake up excited to do it all over again. I finally understood the old cliché, “If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Thus, XIV Handmade Jewelry was born.


XIV is symbolic of change. It is beautiful, eclectic glamour. The jewelry represents a collection of experiences—sights, sounds, and emotions made tangible. These designs are extraordinary because they effortlessly embrace a delicate balance of both femininity and masculinity.  It is for the woman who stands out for all the right reasons. My designs, like the woman who wears them, will always make a statement--whether it be a loud, fierce roar or a soft, seductive whisper. 


I am fortunate to work with a team of people who are equally dedicated to the quality production of XIV jewelry and the satisfaction of our clients. Our mission is to produce high-end accessories that contribute to the unique expression of the wearer. 


Your feedback is invaluable. Please feel free to send me an email expressing your thoughts, concerns, or just to say hi! I look forward to hearing from you!




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